Just for today…

I love that, just for today… anything can be accomplished even if it’s just for today.

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to an Intuitives Interactive, which can be fun.  We all placed one item of our own in a basket and chose one to do an intuitive reading for another person.  I won’t list everything from my reading because I still have to figure some of it out and some of it is really personal only to be shared with people that I personally trust.

Here is part of my reading:

The person doing my reading saw medium but bright blue mixed with green tendrils like a growing object.  I did a painting recently, just an experiment, of a blue and green sort of firework/flower burst that I like a lot and have made it my picture for FB.  It’s an expression of part of who I am, just sort of a fun thing.

Then she saw balloons! And heard the song, Up Up and Away in my beautiful balloon!  I could not stop laughing.  My phone will send balloons to certain people when I text.  I have no control over it – at all.  It’s a happy kind of thing and reflects how I feel about those people.  I don’t know how that is significant, but it sure is fun and makes me smile.

There was a young woman there who sees auras all the time and mine is bright turquoise!  One of my favorite colors.  I will look this up some time in the near future to see what it means for me.

So those are the things I’m willing to share about my reading, everything else is personal.

Later this month I will be taking the class to become a Reiki Teacher.  I’m excited about this, I don’t know if I will have the opportunity to teach anyone.  I’m not a teacher or instructor and am not confident in that area, hopefully this will open my life even more and push me toward what I need to be doing.  I’ve always been a support person behind the scenes and I’m comfortable in that space.  Not sure how that will all work out in the end…

An important and interesting thought just occurred to me that I want to share.  Many years ago my best friend said he loved me and wanted us to be together.  I was so worried about losing our close friendship that I said no and explained that I did not ever want ever to lose his friendship.  We had both been married before.  What I learned from that is just say yes, because I lost that friendship anyway.  Just say yes, if you love someone, just say yes.

Went for a walk this evening just as the sun was setting.  There are so many fireflies.  They are beautiful to watch flashing on and off like tiny stars.  The air outside is warm and full of moisture so it’s sort of like walking after a heavy rain on a hot day.


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Love All, Trust Few, Do Wrong To None. An excellent idea to live by.
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