Just for today…

I love that, just for today… anything can be accomplished even if it’s just for today.

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to an Intuitives Interactive, which can be fun.  We all placed one item of our own in a basket and chose one to do an intuitive reading for another person.  I won’t list everything from my reading because I still have to figure some of it out and some of it is really personal only to be shared with people that I personally trust.

Here is part of my reading:

The person doing my reading saw medium but bright blue mixed with green tendrils like a growing object.  I did a painting recently, just an experiment, of a blue and green sort of firework/flower burst that I like a lot and have made it my picture for FB.  It’s an expression of part of who I am, just sort of a fun thing.

Then she saw balloons! And heard the song, Up Up and Away in my beautiful balloon!  I could not stop laughing.  My phone will send balloons to certain people when I text.  I have no control over it – at all.  It’s a happy kind of thing and reflects how I feel about those people.  I don’t know how that is significant, but it sure is fun and makes me smile.

There was a young woman there who sees auras all the time and mine is bright turquoise!  One of my favorite colors.  I will look this up some time in the near future to see what it means for me.

So those are the things I’m willing to share about my reading, everything else is personal.

Later this month I will be taking the class to become a Reiki Teacher.  I’m excited about this, I don’t know if I will have the opportunity to teach anyone.  I’m not a teacher or instructor and am not confident in that area, hopefully this will open my life even more and push me toward what I need to be doing.  I’ve always been a support person behind the scenes and I’m comfortable in that space.  Not sure how that will all work out in the end…

An important and interesting thought just occurred to me that I want to share.  Many years ago my best friend said he loved me and wanted us to be together.  I was so worried about losing our close friendship that I said no and explained that I did not ever want ever to lose his friendship.  We had both been married before.  What I learned from that is just say yes, because I lost that friendship anyway.  Just say yes, if you love someone, just say yes.

Went for a walk this evening just as the sun was setting.  There are so many fireflies.  They are beautiful to watch flashing on and off like tiny stars.  The air outside is warm and full of moisture so it’s sort of like walking after a heavy rain on a hot day.

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Making changes and moving forward

It’s June 23 almost 8 a.m. where I am.  I’ve gone through and removed a lot of what I wrote through the last month.  Most of it was veiled in vagueness anyway, but I’m glad I wrote it initially and put it out there for a brief time. I have copies for myself of the originals.  It’s all good, as I’ve heard people say.  I promise no more need to be vague about anything, though I may leave out names to protect the innocent. Ha!

Talked to my son this morning he’s over in England where it has been scorching hot, which I think is unusual.  Global warming strikes again.  It was so nice to hear from him.  I’m hoping he’ll call me again when he’s out of his appointment.

Wednesday I took my car into the dealership where I bought it to see if they could fix what was wrong.  I was taking it to a place near my home, but they have been bought out by a company and are no longer a small business.  Unfortunately, repairs and quality of work is not as good as what the previous owner offered.  And of course there’s the part where they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my car…  Turns out they bent part of the brake housing(?) or something around the brake when they replaced the brake pads.  It was making a scraping sound when I turned my car a certain way.  As a friend of mine used to say, it’s more important to be able to stop a car than to get it started.  Which makes a certain amount of sense.  And the shifter (I drive a stick shift) was making a different kind of sound and felt different, got that fixed too.

While I was at the dealership a kitten was found in their parking lot, she has come home with me.  I have settled on a final name for her of Mystery.  Took her to the vet the day I got her, where they found no fleas or earmites, but she is very under nourished and probably feral.  She looks to be about 6 weeks old and weighs less than a pound.  The vet suggested feeding her every two hours, so far she wolfs down her food and looks for more.  Not wanting her to just vomit up what she has eaten I have kept to the every 2 hour schedule until she is in better shape.  I think she may be younger than 6 weeks, since she has been trying to nurse on parts of me.  The vet suggested keeping her in a small room for a week so she can get acclimated to her new environment.  This has turned out to be the half bath in my living room area.  I put up a baby gate in the door so I could easily look in on her and maybe she won’t feel so alone.  She has turned out to be a climber and scrambled over the very tall gate early this morning.  The only solution seems to be to keep the door shut.  Seems cruel to keep her confined like that, but I know the vet knows what she is talking about.  I do have a carrier that she is making her bed and hiding place at the moment and I am spending a good amount of time with her every day.

When I retired one of the librarians I worked with gave me a gift certificate for Zingerman’s Roadhouse, a local restaurant that has very good food and a great ethical attitude toward the world in general.  On father’s day a friend and I went to Zingerman’s for lunch.  It is so much nicer to share a meal with someone than to always eat alone.  My dad has been gone for quite a while now and her dad lives far away, so it was a perfect arrangement for the day.  I got their barbecue ribs, they were SO good!  One day I will become vegetarian, but just not right now.  Tried before, but could not figure out getting enough protein and my health suffered.  Anyway, it was a wonderful time.  We sat at the counter because it was so busy and talked for hours enjoying the atmosphere and food.

Right now, I’m taking a few days away from my regular routine and not interact so much with people I have recently met and reconnected with.  This is providing me time to shed some sadness I’ve carried for many years, get clarity on what I want and where I want to go with my life.  I’m sure you will agree that it can be difficult when you have a few different people trying to persuade you to go their way.  Be part of their group or organization, learn their teaching.  Maybe their way is not my way, plus I cannot financially support all those people out there and you know it all costs lots of money.

I was thinking about going up north near sleeping bear dunes for this break in my routine, but after getting my car fixed that is just not going to happen.  I do love Lake Michigan and hopefully one day in the near future I will be able to go.  If you ever have a chance I highly suggest a visit.

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Comfortable Places

It’s hot already and not even 8 a.m., 77 degrees F.  I’m enjoying the outside before it becomes unbearable.

Part of the reason I moved where I live now is it felt like the town I grew up in.  You know how a place can feel sometimes – comfortable.  Not the city or the people, but the land.  It feels welcoming.  My dad was always good at finding places like this.
I used to go for walks with my dad up north in the woods.  He knew the name of every tree.  I learned some of their names.  The most important thing he taught me was to love and appreciate nature.  We would go fishing too, I never caught anything but it was wonderful to be on the water in the early morning listening to the world wake up.
Sometimes I long for those places.  The calm friendliness of a lake or woods.  In those places I can be completely open.  Whatever sadness or trouble is not so heavy and if there is only happiness it is multiplied because there is no need to cover it up.  Trees and lakes don’t care, they are only filled with calm joy.

There is a crabapple tree that grows in my neighbor’s yard.  It branches reach over into my patio and provide welcome shade.  I just love this tree.  Sadly it is coming to the end of it’s life.  It contracted a disease a few years ago.  My neighbor said she couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, so I let out my inner librarian and did some research for her.  Unfortunately, she really didn’t want to know and did nothing to clear up the disease.  Now it blooms beautifully in the spring and starts losing it’s leaves by the end of May.  My friend Susan tells me it is time for it to pass on, just like all living things it has come to the end of it’s time here.  Still I will be sad to see it go.

Today I will attempt to fix the floor in the master bathroom.  I have a good idea of how I want to approach this, though my approach is somewhat unconventional I’m pretty sure it will work!

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Intense energies

I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the last little while.  I do that sometimes when I’m restless or can’t shut off my mind – just sort of pass out with the television on.  I woke up this morning very early, before the sun and birds, the moon was shining through the blinds.  Made myself a cup of coffee, by that time the birds had started to wake up singing their morning songs.  Went out onto the back patio to listen.  The smell was heavenly all fresh and green, sat and watched the moon lower itself. A robin was surprised that I was there, he made the most wonderful little call and cut short his time at the birdbath.  As I sat there I wondered if the moon really is a spaceship, observing our world.  Could it be true?

Yesterday was another spaced out day…  a friend of mine told me that there are a lot of intense energies right now and that’s why the spacing out.  So ground, ground, ground yourself which isn’t easy when your floating away, LOL.  I leaned into it’s flow and found that to be most helpful, got to more things than I would have otherwise.

II’ve been hearing from people that I haven’t heard from in a long time!  My aunt actually called me the other day.  It was so nice to hear from her.  She was a little hot under the collar because the painter she hired didn’t show up when he was supposed to.  I would not want to be That painter!

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Bowl Concerts and Exploration

I’ve been wanting to write, but it’s been difficult to put things into words.

The other night I had an opportunity to go to the town where I grew up and explore a woods after dark.  It’s been quite a long time since I was back to that town and things have really changed quite a lot, but the feeling of the land is the same.  Never had the opportunity to explore that particular wooded area before and found that I love that woods!, it has many spirits and will take you places you have never been.
Anyway!  I haven’t quite processed the journey into the woods, but am very happy that there was that opportunity to go and spend time with like minded friends.  I woke the next day feeling very emotional and cried a lot.  Talked to a friend who went too and she was in a terrible state over fear of losing a loved pet.  I knew she would blame herself if anything happened so I contact a mutual friend, who is much more knowledgable about her and was actually level headed!  I was not level headed at that moment, maybe I picked up on her fear and since I was already emotional it took over.  I really need to get a handle on that.

I know I will probably be moving from where I live now, I don’t know when and I don’t know where.  It’s not likely to be the town where I grew up.  I was told by a psychic that they see me moving to Oregon around January of next year.  Even though things can change in an instant, I decided it would probably be a good idea to just go take a look at that state.  I hope I get there! LOL.  I’ve contacted a couple of people I know from there and asked about places to visit.  One responded and one didn’t.  The second is a man and he may have thought I was interested in him or something like that…  Hopefully I can get it all together.  I’ve always wanted to go to Mt. Shasta too, just to see what’s there and why it’s so attractive to people.  I don’t know if I’ll make it to Mt. Shasta, maybe one day though.  Mt. Shasta is so close to Oregon it would be a shame to not drive over there…  We’ll see.

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go to a bowl concert.  It’s quite wonderful, especially if the person who holds the concert has an intuitive knowledge of their bowls and can pick up on the energy of the people attending the concert.  This particular experience led me to meet my inner child.  I was taken to her by one of my guides.  We sat around a fire and got to know each other.  I brushed her hair and braided it. She and I went for a walk down an ocean beach hand in hand, then went to her room where she sat in my lap and we read a story together and played.  Later we went for another walk along the same beach.  I’ve haven’t had such profound experiences from other concerts, but this one was needed and quite special.


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Quiet Days and Happy Evenings

Sunday was a non-clever quiet day.  I was able to get a hold of my daughter in law yesterday and found that they are all o.k.  They don’t live in London or work there, so it wasn’t a total panic but it’s just good to know everyone is o.k.  Even if they do have to work on the weekend sometimes.

Spent some time pulling together marketing contacts for a friend, not done yet but well on the way.  Decisions will have to be made on what is wanted in that area once the list is complete.  It’s kind of fun doing this.

Then of course there was the trip to a couple of grocery stores. I had to get some oregano over at Whole Paycheck, they have the loose variety so it’s fresher and smells So wonderful.  Sometimes when I go to the store it can be a spaced out experience, there were a few people like that at WP yesterday.  One lady abandoned her cart in the middle of a pass through isle and there was no way around, so I asked if she minded if I moved her cart over.  She said no, of course I had trouble getting it over to the side –sheesh those things can be troublesome- and our wheels got caught.  So she had to come over and help.  After our disentanglement we chatted for a few minutes.  Sometimes you can meet the most interesting people in the store.

Got to talk to my neighbor when I returned.  She was cleaning her car, later we met up at the backyard and talked about plants and such.  She loves the Clematis and Sweet Pea on our shared fence and has pulled some through so they will grow on both sides.  Her yard is always very pretty, I’m working on mine which is more wild and that’s being kind.  Creeping Charlie and Bugle Weed have taken over!  I do like Creeping Charlie, but it is invasive.  I’m planning on keeping some, but don’t know how to keep it under control.  It’s much better than Bugle Weed and Mint. Bugle Weed shoots out little Bugle Weeds from the main plant that look like a bunch of little arms.  Trying to find all the little arm branches can be challenging.  Creeping Charlie is a vine, so grab one end and pull.  It feels like a very friendly plant.  The Mint has been migrating too.  Sometimes it sends wafts of mint smell when you go near.  The birds and chipmunks love all that wildness, looks like they are on an adventure as they wade through that space.

Yesterday I found out that we can send reiki to people who have passed on from this world.  I was thinking of a specific person when I asked about it.  I believe they starved themselves until they could not continue.  It troubles me.  It was difficult to send reiki without feeling sad and serious, I hope that is o.k.  I spent some time sending reiki to Lake Michigan, it’s a place I love.  Thinking about walking along the shore listening to the waves is a wonderful thing.  And Then I remembered to have dinner!  LOL

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Caring and Gratitude

Yesterday was a busy day, helping out a friend and the people they love.  A great day all around, with a good result.  I’m hoping things are continuing in a positive direction, I won’t know ’til later maybe there will be a chance to ask how things are going.  Leaving them to comfort and take care of each other.  I am so grateful to my closest friend for dropping everything and coming in to help out as well.  So not too much to share here.  Privacy is privacy and I won’t break that.

Thursday was pretty much an uninteresting day here.  I was laying low, watched a movie, did some laundry, prepared more recycling that needs secure shredding to take to the recycling place.  I think today will be a good day, we will see what it holds.

It’s really important to take care of your chakras.  Opening up for me means letting life in and all of those expected and unexpected experiences.  In order to do that I need to be balanced, I’ve found that if my chakras are out of wack so is everything else.  Yesterday I was reminded that this is important to take care of, from several unexpected sources.  They were just sort of standing there looked at me from the corner of their eye and said, “You really need to take care of that.”  Which I already knew, but just wasn’t sure which way to turn.  Sometimes the internet is a good resource, I found a couple of different things that can be helpful in this area, so this morning I have been working on balancing my chakras.  Used two different ways to do it, one chakra is still out of wack a little, not as much as before so I must be on the right track!  I am grateful to those who told me (reminded me) that I need to take care of myself in this way.


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