Making changes and moving forward

It’s June 23 almost 8 a.m. where I am.  I’ve gone through and removed a lot of what I wrote through the last month.  Most of it was veiled in vagueness anyway, but I’m glad I wrote it initially and put it out there for a brief time. I have copies for myself of the originals.  It’s all good, as I’ve heard people say.  I promise no more need to be vague about anything, though I may leave out names to protect the innocent. Ha!

Talked to my son this morning he’s over in England where it has been scorching hot, which I think is unusual.  Global warming strikes again.  It was so nice to hear from him.  I’m hoping he’ll call me again when he’s out of his appointment.

Wednesday I took my car into the dealership where I bought it to see if they could fix what was wrong.  I was taking it to a place near my home, but they have been bought out by a company and are no longer a small business.  Unfortunately, repairs and quality of work is not as good as what the previous owner offered.  And of course there’s the part where they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my car…  Turns out they bent part of the brake housing(?) or something around the brake when they replaced the brake pads.  It was making a scraping sound when I turned my car a certain way.  As a friend of mine used to say, it’s more important to be able to stop a car than to get it started.  Which makes a certain amount of sense.  And the shifter (I drive a stick shift) was making a different kind of sound and felt different, got that fixed too.

While I was at the dealership a kitten was found in their parking lot, she has come home with me.  I have settled on a final name for her of Mystery.  Took her to the vet the day I got her, where they found no fleas or earmites, but she is very under nourished and probably feral.  She looks to be about 6 weeks old and weighs less than a pound.  The vet suggested feeding her every two hours, so far she wolfs down her food and looks for more.  Not wanting her to just vomit up what she has eaten I have kept to the every 2 hour schedule until she is in better shape.  I think she may be younger than 6 weeks, since she has been trying to nurse on parts of me.  The vet suggested keeping her in a small room for a week so she can get acclimated to her new environment.  This has turned out to be the half bath in my living room area.  I put up a baby gate in the door so I could easily look in on her and maybe she won’t feel so alone.  She has turned out to be a climber and scrambled over the very tall gate early this morning.  The only solution seems to be to keep the door shut.  Seems cruel to keep her confined like that, but I know the vet knows what she is talking about.  I do have a carrier that she is making her bed and hiding place at the moment and I am spending a good amount of time with her every day.

When I retired one of the librarians I worked with gave me a gift certificate for Zingerman’s Roadhouse, a local restaurant that has very good food and a great ethical attitude toward the world in general.  On father’s day a friend and I went to Zingerman’s for lunch.  It is so much nicer to share a meal with someone than to always eat alone.  My dad has been gone for quite a while now and her dad lives far away, so it was a perfect arrangement for the day.  I got their barbecue ribs, they were SO good!  One day I will become vegetarian, but just not right now.  Tried before, but could not figure out getting enough protein and my health suffered.  Anyway, it was a wonderful time.  We sat at the counter because it was so busy and talked for hours enjoying the atmosphere and food.

Right now, I’m taking a few days away from my regular routine and not interact so much with people I have recently met and reconnected with.  This is providing me time to shed some sadness I’ve carried for many years, get clarity on what I want and where I want to go with my life.  I’m sure you will agree that it can be difficult when you have a few different people trying to persuade you to go their way.  Be part of their group or organization, learn their teaching.  Maybe their way is not my way, plus I cannot financially support all those people out there and you know it all costs lots of money.

I was thinking about going up north near sleeping bear dunes for this break in my routine, but after getting my car fixed that is just not going to happen.  I do love Lake Michigan and hopefully one day in the near future I will be able to go.  If you ever have a chance I highly suggest a visit.


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