Quiet Days and Happy Evenings

Sunday was a non-clever quiet day.  I was able to get a hold of my daughter in law yesterday and found that they are all o.k.  They don’t live in London or work there, so it wasn’t a total panic but it’s just good to know everyone is o.k.  Even if they do have to work on the weekend sometimes.

Spent some time pulling together marketing contacts for a friend, not done yet but well on the way.  Decisions will have to be made on what is wanted in that area once the list is complete.  It’s kind of fun doing this.

Then of course there was the trip to a couple of grocery stores. I had to get some oregano over at Whole Paycheck, they have the loose variety so it’s fresher and smells So wonderful.  Sometimes when I go to the store it can be a spaced out experience, there were a few people like that at WP yesterday.  One lady abandoned her cart in the middle of a pass through isle and there was no way around, so I asked if she minded if I moved her cart over.  She said no, of course I had trouble getting it over to the side –sheesh those things can be troublesome- and our wheels got caught.  So she had to come over and help.  After our disentanglement we chatted for a few minutes.  Sometimes you can meet the most interesting people in the store.

Got to talk to my neighbor when I returned.  She was cleaning her car, later we met up at the backyard and talked about plants and such.  She loves the Clematis and Sweet Pea on our shared fence and has pulled some through so they will grow on both sides.  Her yard is always very pretty, I’m working on mine which is more wild and that’s being kind.  Creeping Charlie and Bugle Weed have taken over!  I do like Creeping Charlie, but it is invasive.  I’m planning on keeping some, but don’t know how to keep it under control.  It’s much better than Bugle Weed and Mint. Bugle Weed shoots out little Bugle Weeds from the main plant that look like a bunch of little arms.  Trying to find all the little arm branches can be challenging.  Creeping Charlie is a vine, so grab one end and pull.  It feels like a very friendly plant.  The Mint has been migrating too.  Sometimes it sends wafts of mint smell when you go near.  The birds and chipmunks love all that wildness, looks like they are on an adventure as they wade through that space.

Yesterday I found out that we can send reiki to people who have passed on from this world.  I was thinking of a specific person when I asked about it.  I believe they starved themselves until they could not continue.  It troubles me.  It was difficult to send reiki without feeling sad and serious, I hope that is o.k.  I spent some time sending reiki to Lake Michigan, it’s a place I love.  Thinking about walking along the shore listening to the waves is a wonderful thing.  And Then I remembered to have dinner!  LOL


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Love All, Trust Few, Do Wrong To None. An excellent idea to live by.
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