Letting Happiness Out and Being Too Open

There’s a danger in being too open, people will actually know what you think and feel.  That’s not always good.  Sometimes it’s best to keep things to yourself and let people use their imaginations or not, if they don’t have one.  I’ve always been fairly easy to read, it’s just who I am.

On this journey I’ve been on, the 21-day journey after attunement to Reiki I’ve realized that it is important to let yourself feel what you truly feel.  I don’t know how to explain it very well, maybe it’s like having a splinter in your finger.  It has to come out, the choice is yours – get the tweezers and pull it out or let it fester until it’s infected and it will come out anyway!  I talked about that in yesterday’s post, so I won’t go over it again.  Suffice it to say, I am much more comfortable with myself now than any other day before this one.

Yesterday I went to yoga at the ESC, unfortunately I have broken my toe and that made doing some yoga positions difficult.  Amy loaned me a boot so I can keep it still and protected, can’t seem to get comfortable with it.  So the boot will be returned, unused and unloved.  I’ve been doing Reiki on this poor toe and it feels a lot better.  My goal is to have it better in a week, because when Amy said 6 to 8 weeks I just could not imagine being hobbled like this for That Long.  No Way!  Broken toes are the pits!

Today is another day I am looking forward to.  More physical clearing of my surroundings so I can easily move on to whereever I will need to be for the future.  Somehow I know at some point I’ll be having to go back to work, just another thing I figured out about myself.  What it will be is not clear yet.  It’s just another day here on Skynob Drive.


About laughingwoman5

Love All, Trust Few, Do Wrong To None. An excellent idea to live by.
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