Releasing and letting happiness out

It’s a happy day!  I am owning my feelings and walking forward in my life.  I feel so much lighter than I have in the past few days.

Yesterday I spent time moving things around in part of my place.  I have reclaimed the front closet and moved my son’s things out to the garage.  Then I went through some of my mom’s seashells she used to collect.  Most of them are now in the backyard.  I’ve kept a few, some can be used for sage and sweet grass clearing and the others are just lovely.  I do have one stone that I will ask my friend to take with him to Sedona.  It seems like that’s where it needs to be.  I hope he won’t mind.

Anyway, I’m off to a little yoga session at the ESC.  Maybe more later, maybe not.


About laughingwoman5

Love All, Trust Few, Do Wrong To None. An excellent idea to live by.
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